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The Rick Moore Memorial Grant

Thank you to all of our donors that have contributed to the Rick Moore Memorial Funds over the years. This grant funded many projects for Council Rock students since its inception. At this time, gifts for the fund are in the process of being replenished for future grants.

Application deadline: At this time funding for this grant is currently suspended until further notice.
Maximum grant amount: $2,500
Total amount of grant funds: Approx. $5,000 (the exact amount distributed will be decided by the committee)

Rick Moore was a beloved teacher and mentor to thousands of students in the Council Rock School District during his 24 years of teaching.  Rick was passionate about Social Studies and also had a personal interest in supporting educational programs for students with low-incidence disabilities.   Rick passed away on May 3, 2013, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of his students and through this special Memorial Fund created to honor his memory.

The Rick Moore Memorial Fun awards grants for projects that benefit students in either a special education or social studies program.  Specifically, grants must be focused on:

the innovative use of technology in either a special education or social studies classroom or program
the development of vocational or pre-vocational training programs for students with low incidence disabilities

Projects may be limited to a single classroom, involve several grade levels or departments, or they may be school/district-wide.

Guidelines for the Rick Moore Memorial Grant can be found HERE.

The Rick Moore Memorial Grant application can be found HERE .

Click HERE to read more about the wonderful programs that received Rick Moore Memorial Fund grants last year.

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