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Council Rock Students Benefit By Tax Credit Program

On July 22, 2016, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania officially ratified Council Rock Education Foundation as an Educational Innovative Organization under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) which means they […]

CREF Awards More Than Ten Grants in May, 2016

On May 19, 2016 CREF awarded over 10 grants to support innovative projects in Council Rock classrooms! To read the press release about these exciting programs, visit this link.

Sky’s the Limit Grant Helping NMS Students Reach New Heights

Newtown Middle School science teacher Laura Lutton received a grant for NexStar telescopes and thermal energy software to expand her students’ study of planetary motion, lunar features, sunspots, solar prominences […]

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i-Motion: Creating Videos through Art

Claymation, a movie technology that has evolved into a major genre little more than a generation ago, has arrived in Council Rock!  Thanks to a CREF grant, the Claymation project […]

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Anxiety in children – Oct. 20th event addresses how to help your child cope with stress

Whether it is schoolwork, friends, parents, or expectations, children are experiencing more stress and anxiety than ever.   And although anxiety is a normal part of growing up, when it becomes extreme, it can interfere […]

Students light up the future with Solar Suitcase experiments!

Thanks to an Innovative Learning Grant from CREF, a collaborative team of teachers have been able to design a program that will bring lessons and activities involving solar energy to […]

Reflecting Hope-Dedication of 9-11 Sculpture at CR South

This morning’s ribbon-cutting ceremony formally dedicated the “Reflecting Hope” sculpture at Council Rock South.   Funded by a grant from the Council Rock Education Foundation, the sculpture is  is a stainless […]

Prize Patrol surprises Council Rock teachers with $35,000 in grants!

Check out this great video of the CREF Prize Patrol surprising teachers and kids in their classrooms with CREF grants for next year!

Welcome Dr. Fraser, our new Superintendent!

The Council Rock Education Foundation is thrilled to welcome Dr. Robert Fraser as the new Superintendent for the Council Rock School District.  We are excited to begin working with Dr. Fraser […]

Council Rock Education Foundation to Honor Mark Klein and Joy McClendon as Outstanding Community Partners

On June 3rd, the Council Rock Education Foundation (CREF) will celebrate and honor the accomplishments of two outstanding community partners who have made extraordinary contributions to the community and the […]

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