“Leave a Legacy” Plaque Campaign

Salute the past, embrace the present, and make your mark on the future with our commemorative plaque campaign!

Holland Middle School 2018








Newtown Middle School 2018










The Council Rock Education Foundation is pleased to announce the Leave a Legacy Plaque Campaign! This is a unique opportunity for the community to show their support of our new and updated schools – Holland and Newtown Middle School – by purchasing a personalized, engraved plaque that will be placed at the new entrance at Holland Middle School and the north entrance at Newtown Middle School. Not only will you be able to help us in “Building the Way to Knowledge”, but you can leave a permanent family and or corporate legacy in our community!

Engraved on your custom plaque could be:

• Your family name

• Your children’s name

• A beloved teacher’s name

• Your company or organization’s name

• Commemoration of a special occasion

• A memorial for a loved one

• An inspirational message.

Plaques just $125 each – approx 3″ by 10″.  Three lines for each plaque with a maximum of 35 characters per line. You choose which location – Holland or Newtown Middle School. Click here to place your order today!

Notice regarding plaque contentsee below

  • The sponsorship shall not include any content that is, or could be reasonably construed as relating to: 1) alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs; 2) sexual content, themes or issues; 3) potentially controversial topics, including any political, religious, or otherwise divisive topics; 4) any subject inappropriate for minors; 5) anything that is otherwise not in keeping with the District’s educational purpose.  The sponsor acknowledges that the District has the sole, final discretion to develop, design, approve and/or deny the sponsorship design, and that approval and/or denial may be subject to one or more District policies.

Plaques orders will be placed in lots of 75 – 100 and installed in phases. See plaque sample below…


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