Our Impact

The Council Rock Education Foundation works to….

Inspire creativity in the classroom…. provide students with extraordinary opportunities to explore concepts in new and exciting ways…. encourage teachers to try new ways of teaching…. nurture that SPARK of excitement…. engage young minds… create “a-ha moments and inspire a lifelong LOVE OF LEARNING!

Here are just a few of the CREF-funded programs that have made a difference in the lives of Council Rock students:


NASA Hunch Program
Partnering with NASA, students designed & built a capillary experiment then travelled to the Johnson Space Center and tested the experiment in zero gravity with other student teams from across the country!
In June 2014, CREF received a $20,000 STEM grant from Dow Chemical. Combined with funds from CREF and CRSD, we were able to establish the first ever STEM Specialist for a push in program in ALL CR elementary schools
iPads for RTL reading
Incorporating new technology enabled elementary reading teachers opportunities to explore new ways to help struggling readers.
Raising Great Kids
This annual Speaker Series presents programs on important issues facing our children today-providing practical advice on how adults can help kids deal with issues such as student stress, cyber-bullying and substance abuse.
Physics in Flight
An innovative aeronautic program challenged students to research, design & build a UAV, equip it with GPS & virtual reality technology then learn to operate it, transmit and analyze data collected while in flight.
Green Ribbon Schools
CREF funded programs helped Council Rock to be recognized by the US Department of Education as a Green Ribbon School District.
CREF Corporate Partners